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About me

Hi, I’m Lissette!

Unlike other positioning strategists and mindset coaches, I specialize in supporting other medicine woman, such as myself, working at the intersection of feminine mysticism and advocacy.   


My trainings foster thought leadership competencies and I coach feminine powered self expression out of executive women in moments of personal awakening and stressful big leaps out of their comforts zone in forced career pivots or new desired personal lifestyles.


In addition to being the creator of Belly Guru Training Systems, Founder of Mind Body Enterprises and the podcast host of Owning HER Health, I provide the essential DIY and Done with you leadership coaching and self promotion tool boxes for mindful health therapists and coaches wanting to launch profit minded brands of authority into busy markets within the next year using my 8 step Mind-Body Brand Academy approach and a parallel personal development 6 month program called Feminine Alchemy.


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What blossomed out of my own career pivot, personal life changes and past several years launching women's ideas into digital assets has become a new company and Community called the Curvy Hustle Society. 

Curvy Hustlers are trained and coached into becoming visible through thought leadership, conscious relationship and social  entrepreneurship. 

My hope is that mature women can become healthier than the level I used to treat them in rehabilitative medicine and integrative mind body focused physical therapies.

Entrepreneurship can be our own solution for getting stuck in middle management. 


It is a way to play and repackage our skills and a fast track way to become a community builder and local leader. 

Curvy Hustlers are birthing new ways for filling in the gender equity and ageism gaps across all pillars of society. 

My clients go on to become happier moms, fulfilled single or partnered women, wealthier business owners as well as founder of movements to reduce social inequalities that destabilize families. 


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