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The Curvy Hustle is an alternative lifestyle system for  women by women.

Ready to create a world of love, courage,connection, trust,and contribution without having to sacrifice relationships, energy, time or health! 

Forget the gurus and trails of failed life alignment blueprints. You know your vision and breakthrough path is as unique as you!

Curvy lives are just not fitting your core identity into some new box. It is not being the best at survival. A Curvy Hustle is a perfect match for your DNA and brain's code for power flex styles and I know exactly how to identify that. 


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A Curvy Hustle means you own a Bespoke Business and are the CEO of your life. 

How would you like to lead a life of security, connection, fulfillment and accomplishment? Are you already known for something that can help thousands but staying in safe circles and fairly small? Would more stages and a confident decision to immediately eliminate the overwhelm in your life feel amazing? 

Then why on Earth aren't you making one and seeing it through?

That is what I would love to help you do. 

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Ambitious, highly skilled women in the healing arts are often surprised when our perfectionism, high standards, self talk, assertive nature or past core drivers are no longer working for us. There a 8 main roadblocks connected to mindset and organization that will look just like you  suddenly hit a brick wall or are stuck.  


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Good Sex, money, executive skills and personal power management begin with a certain masculine-feminine power connection within. 

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