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About Dr. Lisa and The Curvy Hustle

About me, my approach and this company: 

For the past four years I have been using my experience as a holistic clinician and entrepreneur to mentor, organize and organically launch over 200 women, most of them moms, into their own lifestyle medicine careers and personal economy.

I coined this often spiraling, non linear path, the "Curvy Hustle" in contrast to the normal will powered, warrior linear grind we have all been conditioned to strive through. I teach a leap into a thrive mentality and after identifying what limits my clients in living with this design, I create the roadmaps to get from the life they are living today, to the life they want to be living tomorrow through a blend of life coaching, self inquiry, physiological state, holistic health auditing, unwiring generational conditioning, identifying old belief systems and creating new ones all within an object audit of their present social networking, business skills and idea development. 

Just as a clinician, I serve best reading and growing healthy people first who seed those CEO positions.

I believe in good health and good community people with power are in an optimal position to help themselves and their community through conscious entrepreneurship.

I teach emerging women that want to function as coaches, educators, counselors, therapists, spiritual leaders and program producers how to re embrace this way and follow my lead into a personal brand that can be turned into a community that will support a program, product, message, or boutique hybrid online/ offline business model like I had. 

I focus on designing it day one in a way that honors core values and personal goals of entrepreneurship being a necessity for new innovation or elevation, flexible for current season of life, or opportunistic and aggressively growth minded.  


I do this through my podcast, private consulting and mentoring in my 8-week program side hustle called Mind Body Brand Academy (MBBA).

Until 2021MBBA was inside my old clinical based yoga therapy and rehab company, but over the past two years I realized something I was blind to when I launched MBBA.

There is a huge educational, socialization and mentoring access gender gap into the move from the point of being an established entrepreneur into the mindset and circles required to leap into the mind and body of a six or seven figure enterprise founder.

There is even a bigger gap in mentorship if holding bigger visions in certain forms. As it stands, after a personal financial infidelity and need to stop treating others to focus on my own pains and stability, I fell into the category of having to start over as I went through my own personal life blowing up in late 2017. 

According to The State of Women-Owned Businesses, 2019 report:

American women are averaging thousands less than 200K revenues into their business. 

For Latina/Hispanic the earned average revenue per firm of $50,900 vs. $142,900 among all women-owned businesses demonstrates one layer of the gender gap even when we are pricing ourselves in the market.

Earned average revenue of $24,000 per firm vs. $142,900 among all women-owned businesses.

So for a majority of women, the businesses we own are not providing even consistent four figure sales months but unlike when I started back in 2005, we have 24/7/365 markets. I was very grateful to have already had a personal community online to pivot upon that had that baseline from that one mentorship program when the pandemic of 2020 hit. What I see is that many of the barriers against women have suddenly been made into a porous swiss cheese and I intend to be the entrepreneur that helps others in the healing spaces take advantage of this limited time opportunity to take up space at a value price. 

Mind Body Brand Academy Program inspired Mind Body Enterprises, LLC

Since I have always been in the business of flipping pain into purpose for the next stage, I have re designed the Mind Body Brand Academy into a year long high touch, luxury business club for women aiming to use their influence to create five figures in sales per month off their personal platforms. There is no doubt there is untapped goddess wisdoms within everyone but it is going to take a curvy hustle to shake it out of some! 

I founded a consultancy called Mind-Body Enterprises, which you have found, around this need for one space for women to develop personally and professionally into leadership styles they feel empowered in as well as become the decision makers of their businesses that can hold executive presence in any room, protect their assets,  hire, fire, negotiate, reject disrespect, assimilate and curve on a dime when the situation presents itself or they want to use a loss as an opportunity and need a community to rally around them . 

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‘’Fate whispers to the warrior, ’you cannot withstand the storm.’ The warrior whispers back, ‘I am the storm.” ~Original Author, Unknown

"I am rather sure it was a woman."  

xoxo, Dr. Lisa