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You can still figure out your energetic archetype.   

Trust me, I view your system needs quite differently at the energetic soul feeding level you seek.

Make work become fun.

Delegate easily.

Trust your intuition in balance with the facts and needs of the situation.

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Time for Women founders to get poured into properly by design day one! 



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Vata Bodies

Vata Means Air and along with that comes lots of dreams but a need for masculine containment.  You feminine codes are often over working to energy up the entire system. 

Raja Bodies

Raja is heat and fire. With that comes chronic inflammations and hot flashes with impulsive emotional actions.  You need to make the mind stronger than your feelings.  

Kapha Bodies

Kapha is Earth and many times weight gain. You will want to hold onto stability and that is hard as an entrepreneur.  We need a roadmap and to learn how to trust the unknown . You need business with solid strategy and metric based system day one. 


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